The Center Centre Rising UX Leaders Program - Coaching to maximize your UX influence.
Team on zoom all looking at the same strategy plan.

The missing piece: get your senior executives saying, “How can we NOT fully support a long-term UX strategy?!?”

You’re not seeing the wins you expected. You and your team are doing all the things you’ve read and heard other UX leaders do to get ah-mazing results in their organizations. You’re working hard to integrate these techniques into your org every day. You’re doing all the right things. It’s just not working.

You think, “Why hasn’t anything worked? Everybody else seems to be successful. What are we doing wrong?”

Let us reassure you. It’s not you. It’s not your team. You are all working hard. You are a leader. You are smart.

There’s a missing piece.

The good news is that it’s closer than you may think.

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missing puzzle piece.

The piece your team is missing is a holistic, organization-wide, proactive UX strategy.

Stop running into the same roadblocks over and over again.

Skill up and dial in you leadership needs

Do any of these sound familiar?

Your team doesn’t get buy-in for doing their best work (or when they do, you don’t know why it worked that time, but not others).

Your team wonders why others in your organization don’t value UX as they do.

Your team feels their voices are squashed when they push for better-designed products and services.

Your organization’s product decisions are happening to your team, not with your team.

Your team consistently fails at demonstrating how necessary more UX research is.

Your team is constantly pressured to produce some sort of “UX metrics,” but their work doesn’t really lend itself to numbers.

If you’ve gone through this checklist saying, “Check! Check! Checkity check check!” The Center Centre UX Strategy program is for you!

The Center Centre UX Strategy program is a one-of-a-kind coaching and mentorship program for UX leaders and their teams. It’s the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

How cool would it be if…

Your team does incredible UX work with complete support and sponsorship by every key stakeholder.

Everyone in your organization sees how better user and customer experiences lead to great results.

Your team has an influential voice in the direction of the products and services you’re delivering.

Your team plays an essential role in influencing key decisions about every aspect of product development and delivery.

Extensive user research is seen by all as critical to your overall success.

You identify the perfect metrics to show how valuable UX can be to the financial and business success of your organization.

This is what the Center Centre UX Strategy program does. It sets you and your team up to work strategically, building up your influence in the organization. The program gives you a voice of authority and confidence to make sound business decisions.

The program is like an MBA specifically for UX leaders. Every week in the 24-week program, you get the mentorship, coaching, and perspectives you need to work alongside the senior leaders in your organization. From the very start, you’ll be changing perspectives and shifting the key mindsets required to deliver well-designed products and services.

During the program, we’ll talk through the key strategic fundamentals, concepts, and mindsets that make senior UX leaders successful. We tailor the program to your team’s specific situations (including the personalities and challenges you deal with daily), so you can bust through obstacles and show demonstrable progress and improvement.

This is the missing piece for most emerging UX leaders. In their careers, they’ve learned UX. However, they may not have entirely mastered the leadership part of the job. And a UX leader isn’t like any other leader.

This is what you need. Don’t wait to get started. You can get past the roadblocks. This is something you want to act on right away.

Talk to us.

Hop on a no-commitment call with Leslie or Summer. They would love to tailor an action plan just for your team.

During the 24 weeks, you’ll put every aspect of your UX strategy into practice. Completely tailored to your organization.

The Center Centre UX Strategy program is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Imagine having decades of UX leadership experience available when you need it. Imagine presenting your gnarliest challenges—obstacles that have stopped you in your tracks— and immediately getting new approaches to tackle them. Imagine the glee you’ll feel when those new approaches actually make a difference.

That’s what it’s like to be part of the Center Centre UX Strategy program. It’s mentorship. It’s coaching. It’s exactly what you need.

Strategy lightbulb

Immediately benefit from decades of experience and research into successful UX teams.

Our years of research have told us that UX strategy isn’t one thing. It’s not a set of best practices you can just check off as you do. It just doesn’t work that way.

UX strategy can’t be taught in a course. It can’t be learned from a book.

You learn it by exploring what’s right for your immediate context. This means considering a myriad of different sources, perspectives, and approaches. That’s what this program provides.

You’ll create your UX strategy based on what is most important to accomplish in your organization. You’ll need to take your entire situation into account.

Who is on your team?

What are your team’s strengths?

What will most benefit your organization right now?

How can you push the boundaries to do more?

Answering these questions will get you the strategy you need. You need the expertise and resources to make this work.

That’s what you get in the Center Centre UX Strategy program.

24 weeks means 24 different UX Strategy lenses.

Every week you’ll join our program’s small group coaching sessions. There are five sessions each week.

Come to one. Come to all 5. Or watch the recordings. It’s up to you.

Each session focuses on a different way of looking at your UX strategy. A different lens.

We look at every aspect of setting organization-wide UX goals. We explore every way to measure UX, including what works and what never works.

Some weeks we’ll focus on the priorities of your executive team. How will you tell your story about great UX to get their attention?

Some weeks we’ll focus on building up the capabilities of your UX teams. What are you missing? Will you train or hire? What’s the best way to get others in the organization to improve their skills?

Conversation Bubble

Get actionable results immediately.

Every week is actionable. No waiting. No final “big reveal.” You take what you learn in each session and apply it immediately.

We’ll guarantee that by the second week of the program, you’re seeing your work differently.

We’ll guarantee that by the third week of the program, your team is making progress past roadblocks that have stumped you for months (or years).

This program is unlike anything you’ve experienced. And it will change everything for you.

What's included in the Center Centre UX Strategy program?


Daily In-Depth Sessions Exploring Every Dimension of UX Strategy

Don’t wait to deal with a new challenge. There’s a session every day where you can work through that difficult obstacle that’s stopping your team.

You don’t have to come to every one of the 120 sessions, however, each one will be valuable. That’s why we record them. Catch up. Go back. Even skip ahead. (We’ve been capturing topics for 2 years. You get access to all of that, even for topics we’ve haven’t discussed yet.)

It’s all there for you to get the answers you need, when you need them.


Bring your Key Team Members

You can come by yourself, as a UX leader who wants to get more strategic. However, strategy is a team sport, and bringing a team is the best way to experience this program.

You’ll want to invite a team of peers from your product and development partners. Imagine what it will be like to have their buy-in on your UX strategy. Imagine what it would be like to represent UX to the executive leadership as a single unit, all on the same page.

Jared makes it all accessible for everyone. Don’t worry. Your team members don’t need extensive UX experience and knowledge. He’ll make sure they get it. And you’ll then have their full support.

Jared Spool

Private Welcome Coaching Call with Jared Spool

Having a coach that knows you, your goals, and your business is key to success. Within your first week, you'll have a private call with Jared. You’ll get to know each other better. He’ll help you get clear on your specific goals, and set you up for success.

When you sign up as a team, he’ll get to know the different members of your team and the hard work they’re trying to accomplish. He’ll work with you to bring out their best contributions. Together, you’ll be completing the puzzle.

Program space

Exclusive Online Community

Build deep connections with others through our exclusive, private online group, only for members of the Center Centre UX Strategy program. Get advice from UX leaders who are in similar situations.


24/7 Access An Extensive Library of UX Strategy Resources

We’ve compiled hundreds of articles, videos, and resources on how UX leaders attain success. You’ll learn about the traps to avoid and the approaches that have solved unsolvable problems.

Every week, Jared selects a few resources for you and your team to focus on. New insights. Critical considerations. Dive in deep or get a quick summary. You’re in control to take away exactly what you need.


VIP Intensive Access

While enrolled in the UX Strategy program you’ll also have VIP Team access to all Intensives hosted in our Leaders of Awesomeness community. You can dive even deeper into each of our topics on Audacious UX Goals, Persuasive UX Metrics, Agile UX, and Advanced UX Research Approaches, all for free.

Let's Get on a Call and Tailor an Action Plan

Although we'll do our best to describe the awesomeness of the program here, there’s absolutely no way we’ll be able to. So let’s hop on a no-commitment call and talk about where you and your team are, where you want to go, and if the program is the best way to get there. Leslie and Summer would love to tailor an action plan just for your team.

Using the elements of a holistic, proactive UX strategy, each week your team will have a tailored action plan ready for implementation.

You’ll be part of an elite group of UX leaders, guided by Jared Spool.

Jared Spool

Throughout the entire program, Jared Spool will continue to bring his 40+ years working in the tech field as a go-to UX consulting expert. He’ll bring his knowledge, dedication to help rising leaders, his doodles, his jokes, and his love of teasing United (he has done the research, they deserve it) all to you and your group.

During the 24 weeks, you’ll talk with Jared every weekday. Ask him your questions. Get his insights and wisdom.

You’ll be a part of an elite group of UX leaders. With this group, you’ll dive deep into your specific challenges. You’ll be with people who really understand what you’re going through.

You’ll hear how they are overcoming similar challenges and you’ll gain knowledge from their experience. And they’ll learn from yours. (We can’t express just how important this is for a UX leader’s career growth.)


Alex Kim, Customer Experience Strategist, Gingko Bioworks - Concentric:

I demonstrated UX’s value to senior leadership and we hired three new superb senior level designers, built in a continuous learning program, established new processes/frameworks for the Product org, and more.

I could not have accomplished it all with such success without the support of you and the program and its community. Thank you so much for all that you do/have done for the design community!

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What does the process look like to get into the program?

Step 1: Get a call with Leslie or Summer

Find out if this is the right fit for you and your team. Get all your questions answered. (We know you have a ton. And we’ve got all the answers.)

Step 2: Work with us to get your organization’s approval

You shouldn’t pay for this out of your own pocket. Your organization will benefit hugely from your participation.

They should pay and we know how to make that happen. We’ll work with you to get success.

Step 3: Join the Center Centre UX Strategy Program

We start new groups every 2 to 4 weeks. You can be one of them. We’ll get you started right away.

Are you ready to lead your organization in delivering great UX? To fill in the missing piece of the puzzle—creating and executing a successful UX strategy?

We are ready to work with you to make that happen.